Welcome to CharityEZ

CharityEZ is a public charity whose goal is to inspire and empower other nonprofits with an easy-to-use software system to help them run their charity more efficiently. We do this by providing a web-based tool that connects charities and nonprofits to potential donors, foundations, and volunteers.


CharityEZ offers a powerful information search of over 1.7 million foundations and charities in the US. Through our collaboration with Marquette University, we want each charity to be able to put even more of their precious resources toward their mission of making a difference. Thanks to the support of Marquette University, all nonprofits can create free accounts in 2024. Click here to set up a new account.

The CharityEZ website aggregates critical information about nonprofits into a single location through a new and innovative, yet easy to use, software system program. This enables individuals, foundations, and other entities who want to give of their time, talent or resources, an easy site to access opportunities to do so.